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History of company

Insurance Company Credit Europe Life Ltd. is registered in 28.03.2007 and 100% of his shares belong to «Credit Europe Bank Russia».
Credit Europe Life belongs to Credit Europe Bank Russia which is a group company of international financial group FIBA, which actively develop its activities for the last 20 years in all areas of financial markets, including insurance.
The group is represented by a network of insurance, credit and financial institutes in 12 countries such as Turkey, Holland, Germany, Russia, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Romania, Ireland, Ukraine, China and Malta.
Insurance Company Credit Europe Life has taken license (С № 4117 77) from Federal Service of Insurance Supervision in March 2008, which gives to company rights to operate in the following types of insurance: cumulative risk and life insurance, supplementary pension insurance, annuities insurance, accident and diseases insurance, including the deadly disease.
The main principle of Credit Europe Life is based on strict fulfillment of its obligations to customers. The company pays special attention to its financial sustainability. The size of the authorized capital of the company is 312.000.000 rubles. The company has the authentic reinsurance protection supplied by the largest reinsurance companies such as Munich Re, Gen Re and Milli Re as well as the financial possibilities of FIBA Group and thanks to this, Credit Europe Life serves as a reliably to fulfill its obligations.
The management of the company has many years of practical experience in the insurance market in the Russian and foreign companies.
All of these components allowed Credit Europe Life which has started its activities in March 2008, to enter to TOP-200 largest insurance companies by personal insurance by the results of 2008.
However, this is just the beginning. The company has set ambitious plans for itself and for the staffs, which are based on long-term cooperation with customers. Company prefers to use the wide branch network of Credit Europe Bank as the main distribution channel and has set itself target to enter in the TOP-20 insurance organizations in Russia.